Committee Member Qualifications & Duties

Republican Committee Member Qualifications and Duties


The job of a Republican committee member is extremely important because committee members represent the registered Republican voters in their neighborhood. Committee members also represent the Republican Committee of Allegheny County to the voters in their precinct. To many people, THE COMMITTEE PERSON IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, since he or she is the first and most accessible GOP contact, and often the only link between the Party and the people.


A Republican committee member must be a registered Republican residing in the election district (precinct) from which he/she is elected. Committee members are elected by the registered Republican voters in the Presidential Primary Election. There is one committee man and one committee woman position in every precinct. Each elected committee members serves a four year term. The County Chair appoints those to fill committee vacancies. Appointed committee members serve for the remainder of the term they are filling. A committee member who resigns must submit a written resignation to his/her local Chair or the County Chair.


The committee member’s primary goal is to elect qualified Republicans to office and to promote the principles of the Republican Party. The committee member is active throughout the year, interacting with the voters and working to elect qualified Republicans to office. These responsibilities do not just occur on Election Day.The main duties of committee members are:· Communicate with and service the voters.

    • Circulate Candidate Nominating Petitions.
    • Register Republican voters.
    • Deliver Absentee Ballots to voters.
    • Canvass with candidates.
    • Distribute campaign material before an election.
    • Make get-out-the-vote phone calls.
    • Cover the poll on election day.
    • Recruit and train volunteers.
    • Identify, recruit, select, and support qualified Republican candidates.
    • Help with Republican fund-raisers.
    • Vote on endorsement of Republican candidates
    • Attend Republican meetings and events

These duties may seem like a very big responsibility, but as with anything else, if you take it step-by-step and develop a well laid out plan in advance, you will find that your job will be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences that you will ever have.

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